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Hash oil and other concentrates are wonderful things, but they can be problematic and even daunting to consume.

Before we go on, let it be pointed out that you can make medibles with hash oil.

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Here are several ways to properly dispose of Honey Hash Oil.

Hashoil r 1.jpg


Roll it in a joint

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The old faithful method is to smear it on a paper and smoke it in a joint. There are a couple ways to do this.

  1. Make a Rorshack smear on the inside of a paper and then roll carefully.
  2. Make a racing strip down the side after rolling (this can be messy).
  3. Roll a joint as normal and then just dip the end and let it run into the joint for a bit.

Benefits to smoking in a joint are all on the side of ease of use. This is a rather wasteful way to consume oil. Each above listed method gets prgressively more wasteful and hedonistic.

The Rorshack Method

1. Get a drop of oil.

Hashoil r 2.jpg

2. Smear it on the inside of a rolling paper.

Hashoil r 3.jpg

Hashoil r 4.jpg

Hashoil r 5.jpg

3. Roll it and smoke it!

Hashoil r 6.jpg

Smoke it in a bowl

This method is also fairly simple, but potentially mind blowingly messy. Luckily, hash oil is a very pure organic oil, so it cleans up really easily unless it sets into fabric. A droplet of oil on fabric will leave a mark for quite some time.

To reliably get the oil on to a bowl, a piece of metal wire or the like is favored over just trying to pour some on. Just a drop or two goes a long way.

1. Take a piece of wire and dip it in the oil.

Hashoil r 2.jpg

2. Hold wire over bowl of herb and add heat gently. Oil will run from the heat and drip down. If it bubbles or smokes, you went too far with the fire. Oil is a concentrate: a little goes a long way!


3.Smoke it almost normally. You will want to add fire around the edges of the oil rather than directly to the oil. Too much fire/heat will just make the oil flow down into the pipe. Also, hash oil is a concentrate, so too big of a hit can be educational.


In a pinch, ash may be used to drip the oil over if no herb is handy.

Make a home made vape

1t gizzmo.jpg

Making an oil vape is described here. These are getting increasingly difficult to make due to clear incandescent bulbs becoming museum pieces. Remember: you MUST use a clear glass bulb. The coatings in bulbs are often toxic!

These work very well.

see How do I build a simple but effective lightbulb vaporizer?

Hot knives

Old school hash hot knives work a trick. You do not have to use a knife, of course. Any safe piece of metal or ceramic will suffice. This is basic. A drop of oil (or hash or kief, feel free to think outside the box!) is put on a red hot blade and then catch the smoke with a glass or just suck it up through a tube.

Careful with hot metal and flesh.

For extra credit: use a frosted glass and then you can just drink the smoke.




Buy a proper smoking piece

In this more lenient Cannabis coulture of today, it is a lot easier to just buy the right tool for the job. This can prove to be a little expensive and doesnt travel as well as a Rorshack joint listed above.

These tools often provide the most efficient way to consume concentrates via inhalation.


A simple "vape" like this is probably the hands down easiest way to consume extracts. Just put a drop of extract in a little dram vial and screw the vial on to the machined aluminum handle and gently add heat to the glass: inhale.


Glass attachments and domes can be had for normal scientific glass pieces and vapes. Just add heat, not fire and inhale off your favorite bong.


Another efficient method for smoking oil is with a spike or nail fitting in your favorite glass piece. Again, its smoking, not rocket science: just heat the spike and inhale. Wash, rinse, repeat.

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